Bhojpuri Language and Literature

Bhojpuri Language:

Bhojpuri is spoken in the northern Indian region such as western part of states of Bihar, west-northern part ofJharkhand, and the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh and adjoining area of sounthern plain area of Nepal. Bhojpuri is also spoken in Guyana, Suriname, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago and Mauritius and is often said to be the only Indian language to be spoken on all continents. Bhojpuri has evolved as a language from its dialect form and there is a strong demand from people to Government of India is for awarding it a statutory status as one of official Indian Language. Bhojpuri uses words from Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu and other Northern Indian Dialects. Bhojpuri and several closely related languages, including Maithili and Magahi, are known as the Bihari languages, which are part of...

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Bhojpuri News

लउकत बा पर ठेकी नाँही

कोरोना के टीका बने बनवावे पर मोदी सरकार के जोर आ बिहार चुनाव में कहल फोकट में टीका लगवावे......

6 months ago
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नीतीश कुमार आजु सतवां बेर मुख्यमंत्री पद के किरिया धरीहें

मोदी सरकार में मंत्री ना बनावल गइला पर छिरियाइल यशवन्त सिन्हा के कहना बा कि नीतीश कुमार......

7 months ago
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Interview with Folk Singers

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Internet Links on Bhojpuri

Apart from above dedicated Bhojpuri Portals, there are several global and local Yahoo Groups formed by Bhojpuri People: ...
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